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What regulations must I comply with to sell my house?

Posted by AEspinoza on May 4, 2023

On September 24, 2021, the CCONNSE approved the publication of the Official Mexican Standard NOM-247-SE-2021, “Commercial Practices, Requirements for commercial information and advertising of real estate for housing and minimum elements that must be contained in related contracts” and is published on 03/22/2022.

What does Nom 247 seek to regulate?

That the marketing services carried out by providers that have the character of fractionators, builders, promoters and other persons involved in advising and selling to the public in national territory of real estate for residential homes, as well as the contracts related to said services, comply with the information requirements and other necessary elements to guarantee the aspects of commercial information to achieve effective consumer protection. So that there can be fairness and legal security within commercial and contractual relationships, to avoid possible abuses to the detriment of consumers.

What is Nom 247 about?

Establishes the informational requirements for the commercialization of real estate intended for housing, as well as the minimum elements that the purchase and sale contracts of said real estate must contain, and its purpose is to guarantee the effective protection of the rights of consumers of these services.

Who does Nom 247 apply to?

It is only applicable to providers who are developers, builders, promoters and other persons involved in advising on and selling to the public properties for residential use.

Main obligations you must comply with?

  1. Have channels for handling complaints and requests.

  2. Have an address to hear and receive notifications, publicly.

  3. Have an internet portal with all the information on the sale, plus all the regulations that the portal must carry. If you do not have a physical internet portal, with all the required information.

  4. Contract model registered before profeco.

  5. You must deliver a receipt to the consumer for the advance, down payments, credits, or others, that is delivered.

  6. Delivery bill of rights to consumers.

  7. The information and advertising of the provider must be in Spanish.

When does this Nom 247 come into effect?

This rule will take effect on September 23 of this year, but remember that this rule is not in effect yet and it does not mean that you do not have to comply with federal consumer law, since many of these obligations are already in force.

source: despachoabogados.mx

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